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Traelle Horse Racing is an open forum for the discussion of horse racing, jockeys and the direction of horse racing.  This site also takes a look at previous races and keeps you up to date on events happening in the world of horse racing.  This site also provides career earnings, statistics and pedigrees, so if yours is a fascination with horse racing, then this is the right horse racing site.

We follow world events in horse racing with an emphasis on horse racing in the United States and the United Kingdom.  Follow the biggest stars of horse racing with Tralle Horse Racing.

Types of Horse racing in the United States

Each country has their own style of horse racing.  These significant differences are born from the diverse history of each country.  The type of horse racing that is predominant is Thoroughbred flat races run on turf, dirt and synthetic tracks.  Standardbred horse racing and Quarter Horse racing are also run on the same surfaces.  Races vary in distance from five to twelve furlongs.  The high point in the United States, in the world of horse racing, is the Kentucky Derby.  The Derby belongs to a series of races known as the Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing which is comprised of the Kentucky Derby, the Belmont Stakes and the Preakness Stakes.

Gambling and Horse Racing

Gambling on horse racing is common in most countries.  Even in the United States, betting on horse racing is permitted and each State that participates receives a portion of the betting pool.  American betting is completely sanctioned and regulated within the State that the racetrack resides.  Offtrack betting is also permitted if in a legally regulated betting location.  These are often very large rooms with televisions of horse races going on across the United States.  Men and women place bets at a betting machine or betting window and follow the races to the conclusion.  There are disadvantages to offtrack betting because depending on the number of States involved, the player’s winnings are reduced as a form of tax.  This is often around seventeen percent removed from the winnings and distributed amongst the participating States.

Irish Horse Racing

We are located in Tralee, Co. Kerry, the Tralee racecourse in Ireland, is right off the center of town.  The Tralee track; 9 furlongs and a left handed round track about 2 furlongs running straight, level and preceded by 2 and a 1/2 furlong climb.  Tralee racecourse holds the Tralee August meeting to go along with the International Rose of Tralee Festival.  The Tralee August meeting is a four day event with some of the best horse racing ever to be seen.  The Tralee track has produced a number of prize winners, but most notably, three Cheltenham Gold Cup Winners.

Gambling News

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